Production Coordinator Job Opening

Spring 2019

Position: Production Coordinator

Company: Spirit Media

Location: Clackamas, Oregon

Employment Type: Full Time

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree – Minimum

Estimated Hire Date: Summer / Fall 2019

Company Info: Spirit Media is an Emmy-nominated creative agency with over 30 years of television, video, marketing, event direction and entertainment experience. Spirit Media is best known and highly regarded for the strategic, results-driven and going-the-extra-mile standard taken with all client engagements. The company’s core deliverables include marketing consulting, creative media development, message strategy, and event strategy and direction. After a decade of working as a commercial and broadcast television director, company President, William Dolan founded Spirit Media in 1989 as an Oregon and California corporation. The company works with a mix of corporations, nonprofit organizations and faith-based ministries across the United States. A sincere heart for serving these communities will play a vital role in how well the candidate fits into the culture and will affect overall job satisfaction.

Job Description/Responsibilities

Spirit Media is searching for a new team member who is highly organized, accountable, thrives on logistics and gives strong attention to detail. The candidate must demonstrate a willingness to develop personally and professionally within a growing system. This position requires the experience and confidence to manage multiple projects and people in a fast moving environment. You must desire to grow as a leader, as well as be a student of changing technologies for the purpose of meeting internal needs and the needs of a diverse and growing client base in the for-profit and non-profit world.

Project Management & Customer Service (50%)

• Coordination of event, video, web and content marketing projects

• Professional client and vendor correspondence throughout projects

• Develop & maintain production schedules

• Coordinate with event venues regarding scheduling, layout and logistics

• Coordinate with event vendors to order event equipment, including reserving Spirit Media equipment

• Prepare client meeting agendas, visuals and live-event scripts

• Attend client meetings, take notes and prepare reports summarizing actions and outcomes

• Build and manage multiple project books and files (electronic and hard copy)

• Archive and maintain previous projects and documentation (electronic and hard copy)

• Courier media materials as necessary

• Meet weekly with project managers to update client projects

• Participate in weekly staff meetings and provide project updates

• Support Spirit Media team in delivering client satisfaction and peace of mind Video / Content Marketing Project Management ( %)

• Import video elements after field productions

• Provide window dubs of video media for transcription and writing

• Manage internal and external media requests

• Pre-edit video elements according to edit scripts

• Conduct stock music/photo/video searches

• Edit/Produce opening graphics, videos or web shorts

• Preview and send media files to clients

• Create master videos files

• Upload finished projects to Vimeo and/or website

• Maintain and update digital archive system

• Operate cameras

Webcasting Project Management ( 25%)

• Develop event graphics

• Oversee set-up and testing for live events and participate in event rehearsals

• Provide live event direction and playback

General Administration ( 25%)

• Answer phones

• Email/ Outlook Appointments

• Filing

• Prepare mailings (USPS and Fed-Ex)

• Track and categorize project hours on a daily basis

• Add client/vendor contacts to database as needed

• Schedule client/crew meetings

• Manage event calendar

• Update online timesheet daily


This fast paced environment will be best filled with an individual who has a solid work ethic and balance between attention to quality, accurate details and the ability to meet deadlines. Candidates must be proficient or willing to learn the following:

● Microsoft Business Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

● Premiere Pro

● Keynote


● FunctionFox

● ProPresenter

● Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator

● PC and OS X platforms

● Working independently with little supervision

● Strong project management and organization skills

● Working well under deadline pressure while juggling multiple projects

● Processing information quickly and accurately

● Problem solving with an eye for constant improvement

● Staying current with technology and software advances

● Prioritizing and re-prioritizing tasks (as required) with necessary communication to achieve missions, goals and meet or exceed deadlines

● Type quickly and accurately


• A bachelor’s (4 year) degree

• 1-2 years of event/production related experience

• 1-2 years of media/video related experience

• 1-2 years of marketing/communication/social media related experience

Job Conditions: Spirit Media is a virtual office environment located in the home of the company founders in Happy Valley, just east of Portland. The position would include 40-50 hours per week ranging between the hours of 8 am – 6 pm Monday-Friday, but includes occasional evenings or weekends for client meetings, events, creative projects or to manage seasonal workloads. A Production Coordinator must have reliable transportation. Compensation/Benefits • Starting salary: Dependent upon experience • 100% Employer Paid health/dental/vision benefits for full time status after successful 90 day trial period • Paid holidays (7 each year) • Vacation (5 days after first calendar year of employment, 10 days after second calendar year) Please submit a cover letter describing why you desire this position and your education and/or experience that identifies that you qualify for the job. Attach your resume and three references.

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Please submit a cover letter describing why you desire this position and your education and/or experience that identifies that you qualify for the job. Attach your resume and three references.